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C & L Rivet Adds Cold Forming Simulation Solutions

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C & L Rivet, located in Hatboro, PA is pleased to add computation computer simulation to its engineering capabilities. We can now utilize a finite element analysis (FEA) software program to accurately predict cold forming characteristics and manufacturability of new parts. This software allows us to actually simulate the entire forming progression to determine the number of operations and machine type needed to reliably and effectively develop parts to our client’s specifications. This translates to a reduction in development time and reduced downtime once parts enter full-scale production. To learn more, please visit our website

About C&L Rivet Company:

C & L Rivet specializes in Custom Cold Forging / Forming of Rivets, Fasteners & Micro Precision Part Capabilities.

We operate an advanced, ISO 9001:2015 certified facility that can produce a choice of single or multiple die designs, utilizing 40 headers, which are augmented by 12 secondary machining operations. We handle most materials, including alloy steels, aluminum, brass, and precious metals with a variety of high quality finishes possible such as black oxide, copper and gold.

In addition to these capabilities, is our complete tool room, this state of the art facility is separated from our production floor, and allows us to provide a true single source solution to our customers.

Available size ranges are .0070” to .800” wire diameter, up to 1″ head diameter, and lengths from .0150″ to 3″. We also offer concept design engineering services to re-engineer current products or to design new specialty parts.

Minimum production volume typically starts at 50,000 parts all the way to over 50 million parts. We welcome the opportunity to develop prototypes, and handle small run volumes. In addition to cold heading, we also offer a complete list of secondary operations such as knurling, tapping, threading, and roll forming among others, enabling us to complete all parts on site at competitive rates. All of our workmanship and processes are held to the highest standards, in line with organizations such as the military, ASTM, and ANSI. We strive to utilize domestic USA suppliers for our products.

To learn more about all of our capabilities please call 215-672-1113